Old Baptist Chapel

Parking for the Old Baptist Chapel

There is no parking allocated for the chapel itself. However there are usually several spaces along Frome Road, just a minutes walk away from the chapel.

There are also three nearby car parks.

The first is the car park next to the railway station. The entrance to this car park is directly opposite the chapel, and from here the chapel is only a minute or two away by foot. This is now a pay and display car park.

There is a second car park (St Margaret's Car Park) with its entrance about one hundred metres from the Old Baptist Chapel.

Thirdly, Bridge Street Car Park is almost opposite St Margaret's Car Park (adjacent to the river bridge) and this is also a pay and display car park.

For more information on how to find the car parks and the Chapel, please see the 'Directions' page.

For more information about the car parks in Bradford on Avon, see the Wiltshire District Council 'Parking' page.

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