Old Baptist Chapel

History of the Old Baptist Chapel

A New Chapel

During the pastorate of Joseph Ring the present chapel was built. The old meeting house was now too small for the growing congregation and was in a bad state of repair. It was therefore pulled down.

Two houses in St. Margaret's Street were purchased in 1797. The new chapel was built partly on the site of the old building and partly on land newly acquired. The old church book recorded, 'When the present meeting house was in contemplation of being built, there was a debt of 80 on the Old Chapel; that the ground floor of the principal house was taken, in order to make a convenient way to the meeting from the street; and that the members among themselves subscribed 700 and upwards, towards the building.'

The chapel was built with a large vestry. The new chapel was opened for worship on Easter Sunday 1798 when Joseph Ring preached. Soon three schoolrooms were provided in the house in front of the chapel for the Sunday School which was started in 1800. Ring continued to minister in the new building until September 1801 when he accepted a call to London.

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